Feeding Homeless

MAB CT is providing food to homeless people as the need is growing and as we know that there are thousands of homeless people who are living on the streets of the UK. It’s very rare that they get freshly prepared hot food since they can’t afford to have a properly cooked meal.

MAB CT is feeding homeless people and providing them freshly cooked meals. This is your opportunity to support those less fortunate people who can’t have a cooked meal.

£25 will feed 10 homeless people
£50 will feed 20 homeless people
£100 will feed 40 homeless people
£250 can feed 100 homeless people

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  1. Aminul Hoque
    1 year ago

    Keep up the excellent work Noreen Hanif and Team mashaAllah. I takes a lot of effort to do this consistently on a weekly basis but you are all gathering tremendous mountain of rewards.

  2. Lia
    1 year ago

    May Allah grant you and everyone involved an abundant of rewards for this noble initiative.