Food Banks

According to Department for work and pension, 5.4 million working-age adults in relative low-income, whilst there were 5.8 million under the absolute low-income measure and the most affected are the kids. These numbers are growing and, therefore, the need to look after these people.

MAB CT is providing food assistance to needy families through its Food Banks. With your support, the food assistance could be extended to many other families who wait for the help.

£25 to provide a basic food Pack for a family (3 to 5)
£50 can provide food pack to two needy families
£100 can provide food packs to four needy families
£250 can provide food packs to 10 families

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  1. Dedicated server
    2 years ago

    We recognise that stopping hunger is about More Than Food , which is why we re working with foodbanks to provide a range of new services like money advice and Fuel Banks, helping people to break the cycle of poverty.