MAB CT Hilton Paddington Fundraising Dinner 2015

Hilton Paddington Event 4th of October, 2015.

The event was held on the 4th of October 2015 in the evening at London Hilton Paddington and over 225 people attended this with Rahim Jung as host, Ajmal Masroor as the Keynote Speaker and Khaleel Mohammed as Nasheed Artist.People from all walks of lives and from different community backgrounds had attended the event.The guests were served with the Welcome Drinks on their arrival and then the registration of guests had been completed and soon after this the doors were open and all the guests were seated according to the seating and table plan.

The host and stage fundraiser Brother Rhyme Jung opened the program with his opening words and called Brother Khalid Umar of the Quranic recitation which he did in his charming voice. After this Brother Khalil Mohammed sang a couple of his Nasheeds, and after this Brother Muhammad Saleem Awan welcomed the guests and he explained the theme and the objectives of the event.

After this, Brother Rahim Jung set the tone for the event and elaborated the importance of the event and the responsibilities of the Muslims in the UK to demonstrate a real image of Islam and Muslims.

Soon after this the break for the starters was taken and the starters had been served to the guest and it lasted for 25 minutes. After the starters, Brother RJ resumed the session and invited Brother KM again for his Nasheeds where he gave his lovely performance.

After this Nasheed brother Muhammad Saleem Awan the Executive Manager  bestowed his PowerPoint presentation about the vision and work of MAB Charitable Trust MAB CT, where he elaborated the need and the importance to begin a charity from home and look after our fellow citizens in their needs. He explained the three main of MAB CT Projects By Feeding Homeless, Food Banks, and the Reverts Club.

He gave the message that we as a Muslim has a great challenge to portray a genuine picture of Islam and Muslims in the UK and the best mean to achieve this mission is a charity and taking care of the needy people in the UK.After this presentation, The keynote speaker Brother Ajmal Masroor came to the stage and executed his amazing, informative and focused speech. He emphasized the importance and the need of charitable work in the UK, he also encouraged the audience to start taking care of their neighbours, colleagues, and the general public and he mentioned as the best Dawah model in a non-Muslim society like the UK.

After his thought provoking speech brother RJ came on the stage for the Fundraising for MAB CT UK only projects. He was expected to be very motivational, emotional and touching and during his 35-minute session, he managed to raise over 35 K which is amazing since people are still, not 100 percent convinced to donate for the UK only charitable projects. It was an amazing success and one