Reverts Club

The reverts Muslims are very important to us and MAB CT takes a lead on this to look after them by inviting them to its monthly reverts club get together with a different venue and menu.
Since its inception, The Reverts Club had organized four monthly events (Free Dinners and Lunches) in different locations like West London, Central London, North London and East London. The idea is to bring the reverts into these Networking Dinners where they can socialize, network and learn ,with every time a new venue and a new menu.

Reverts have left their religion and in many cases their families. Therefore, they need huge support from us. Presently, most of the Muslims in the UK Don’t take this into account and unintentionally: they ignore reverts. MAB CT is also creating awareness in the Muslim community to integrate the reverts with non-reverts and invite them to their family and general occasions.

£50 can provide five (05) reverts to come and dine to Reverts Club, network and learn.
£100 can provide Ten (10) reverts to come and to Reverts Club, network and learn.
£ 250 can provide Twenty-five (25) reverts to come and to Reverts Club, network and learn.

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MAB CT engages reverts with the Muslim community and has taken an initiative and established a forum called, “Reverts Club”.
Reverts Club is coordinating a monthly reverts networking Dinner. The reverts club is a platform where reverts can network, grab opportunities and enhance their skills. They can attend and benefit from, a guideline for starting a new business, investment opportunities, counseling, employment, skill development, training and integration.


  1. Sarah Tavano
    2 years ago

    Good work as a revert I know how hard it can be to do it all on ur own and I think it’s great ur looking out for ur brothers and sisters my masjid could learn from you all.

  2. Amina-Karine
    1 year ago

    May Allah put barakah in your work